Square Bathtubs

Bathtubs are the most attractive feature of any bathroom and one of the few places where we can enjoy peace in the midst of warm soapy water. Having a long bath helps one to unwind especially after a long day of hard work. Over the years, remarkable changes have been made in the design of bathtubs. Today, bathtubs can come in various materials, color and sizes.

Square bathtubs add a touch of glamour to any bathroom and have made quite an appeal to any home owner. Square bathtub sizes vary .On an average they are usually somewhere between 53×53” or 47×47” .They hold about 60 to 150 gallons of water. The square sunken bath tubs provide the same comfort as the Japanese tubs. The depth helps soak the body completely thus helping one to laze in it for hours.

Square bathtubs can also help you bring that spa experience in your home. Additional features such as whirlpools, water jets, and temperature controls guarantee that spa-like experience in your bathroom.

Since many square bathtubs are compact by design, you can fit them in the bathroom corner, giving you much more space to add in accessories and furniture.

Aquatica square bathtubs are highly-durable, giving you the most value for your money. Browse our online catalog to see the wide array of designs and sizes that we offer. We ship to all US and Canadian ZIP codes.

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