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Fido™ by Aquatica Bath Infomercial

Fido™ Freestanding Bathtub ignites a lasting love affair with your bathroom.

Emmanuelle™ by Aquatica Bath Infomercial

With the extended end of the basin resembling a stream slipping down into a river, the Emmanuelle is as pleasing to the eye as it is to soak in.

Sensuality™ by Aquatica Bath Infomercial

Crafted in Europe, Sensuality™ bathtub features luxurious deep water level and smooth silhouette, which makes it just a much a pleasure to experience as to see.

Karolina™ by Aquatica Infomercial

To make your bathing experience blissful, immerse yourself in the decadent pleasure of the stunning new Karolina freestanding bathtub.

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